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Frank Lee Sprague Radio Hour

Welcome to the party show for rock'n'roll!

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The "Frank Lee Sprague Radio Hour" is on the air! Every Tuesday at 8:00 P.M. EST on Pure Pop Radio. Tune in and join Frank as he plays the best rock'n'roll in history! There will be special guests and world premieres as well. Send us your requests and become a part of rock'n'roll history!

You can hear past shows on this website by hittin' that there "play" button. If ya wanna experience the show live, and who doesn't, just go to the web address below on any Tusday at 8 P.M. EST....
The Podcast/recast is located at 
Give it a listen, your family will love you for it!

News December 2008
Back on Pure Pop Radio! and...loving it!
The first show back on Pure Pop features special guest Clark Gable, a new Granny's Henhouse, E.T. sings, and more!
Listen for the new clue on where to download FLS's scratch'n'sniff screensaver! Yummmmmmmm
News: April 2008
"Art for Art's Sake"! The new segment for the Frank Lee Sprague Radio Hour debuts this month. Art Fein shares stories about his vast experiences in the world of rock'n'roll!
Granny is outta the hospital! A new segment of Granny's Henhouse ensues so keep yer ears and yer mind open ya ripsnorts!
News: September 2007
Congratulations to Granny for her release of her first CD!
"Granny's Henhouse, the LP"
Ya'll know it's larapin' good!
News: May 2007
With the 13th edition of the Frank Lee Sprague Radio Hour the show is now also being broadcast on net radio on!
News: March 2007
The Frank Lee Sprague Radio Hour celebrates 1 YEAR ON THE AIR!
Whoo-hoo! They ain't put Frank in jail yet!!!
News: January 2007
The Frank Lee Sprague Radio Hour is now broadcast every wednesday 2-3 P.M. EST!!!
Make a note of it! No more "live 365" either. Just go directly to
News: August 2006
Frank Lee Sprague sings duets with Frank Sinatra, Willie Nelson, and there are many more surprises for fans of the show! Tune in Daddy-O!
News: April 2006
The Sprague Brothers team up for a co-hosted show that will air all through May! Chris and Frank play their favorite songs and introduce new segments of "Granny's Henhouse". Party on

Established February 8th 2006

 Here is the latest edition of the show daddy-o!

Frank and Chris Sprague in the studio at Wichita Falls Records, North Hollywood, California

All marks are the property of Frank Lee Sprague. All rights reserved you hosers.

The party show for rock'n'roll!